Debunking 6 Concrete Repair Myths

Concrete repair myths.

There are a lot of misconceptions about concrete repair. Maybe you’ve heard it’s costly or invasive. Or, perhaps you think uneven or cracked concrete is a cosmetic repair or that different methods of leveling concrete are better than others. Below, we’ve debunked common myths you’ve heard about concrete leveling and repair.

Concrete repair jobs are expensive.

Concrete replacement can be expensive. However, for half the cost, you can repair concrete with polyurethane concrete leveling foam. With Mr. Level, our concrete leveling services are guaranteed to last a lifetime, which you won’t find anywhere else in Ohio. 

Concrete crack repair is 100% cosmetic.

While cracked concrete is unattractive and an excellent place for grass and weeds to grow, it’s more than just a cosmetic repair. It’s also damaging to vehicles and can create unsafe conditions for pedestrians on your property.

Concrete repair takes days to complete.

Concrete leveling and repair is fast when you use polyurethane. Rather than days, concrete repair jobs only take hours to complete. That’s because polyurethane cures within 15 minutes after injection. With such a quick cure time, your concrete surfaces will be immediately ready to be walked or driven on, even on hot days.

Concrete repairs ruin your yard.

Homeowners are often worried that concrete repair will destroy their beautiful lawn or garden. With polyurethane, injection drill holes are about the size of a dime, allowing for less visible patching and zero damage to your property.

Mudjacking is the best concrete leveling method.

Polyurethane is a better concrete leveling method compared to mudjacking (and concrete grinding, for that matter). To support the lifted concrete, mudjacking relies on underlying soils, which are impacted by the same elements that lead to cracking and sinking, so contractors are not able to guarantee the work. Alternatively, polyurethane causes a chemical reaction with underlying soils that stabilizes the soil and concrete, so it doesn’t fracture or fail.

Anyone can perform concrete repairs.

Whether you think you can handle concrete repairs on your own or decide to go with the cheapest estimate, you’ll be better off relying on an experienced concrete professional like Mr. Level. There are countless scammers who claim to be qualified professionals and it’s all too easy to make a mistake doing it on your own—would you really want to make matters worse? It’s important to check out certifications and read reviews before hiring a contractor.

For questions about concrete repair, we have the answers. Contact Mr. Level for more information on concrete repair or to get a free quote.

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