Benefits of Foam Jacking Sidewalks

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Uneven sidewalks can be unsightly and dangerous. Often, the responsibility of fixing an uneven sidewalk falls upon the homeowner or business owner.  Replacing an uneven sidewalk comes with a huge price tag – but you don’t have to replace it. You can repair it! You have a few options on how to level a sidewalk – but the best way is with polyurethane foam. Here are some great advantages to using this method to level your sidewalk:

Sidewalk Leveling | Mr. LevelUsing Polyurethane to Level Your Sidewalk is a Clean Method

Other methods of sidewalk leveling require you transport materials to the worksite and mix it there before applying it to the sidewalk. Although spills can be washed away, these methods are messy and wasteful. When you pump your sidewalk with polyurethane, the equipment just needs to be connected and sealed to the repair area, resulting in fewer spills and less waste. 

Foam Jacking with Polyurethane is not Disruptive

Some other methods of sidewalk leveling require quite a bit of drilling into concrete slabs. When this happens, there is a lot of disruption to the concrete, it takes quite a bit of time and it is noisy. Foam jacking also uses drilled holes, but they are much smaller (the size of a dime), so the job can get done more quickly and quietly. On one of our job-sites, a client told us they didn’t even know we had started it was so quiet!

No Wait-Time is Required Before the Sidewalk is Usable

Another great feature of polyurethane foam jacking is that the sidewalk is ready for foot traffic immediately upon completion of the job. In fact, the area can be walked on even as the work is being done. Not only can the sidewalk be walked on right away, but the sidewalk will be able to be traversed by vehicles and heavy equipment as well. (Which is perfect for those sunken driveways).

Polyurethane is Light Material

Since polyurethane is a light material, there is less burden on the soil that is under the slab. So, there is less of a chance that the slab will resettle. Which means there will be less of a need to redo the job in the future. 

Foam Jacking Protects Against Moisture

The polyurethane that is used in foam jacking is a great deterrent against moisture. It does so by sealing the bottom of the foundation and preventing erosion.

If you are in need of sidewalk leveling at your home or business, Mr. Level can help you. Contact us today to find out how we can help get your sidewalk back to normal.


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