Benefits of Seawall Repair and Reinforcement

If you live along Lake Erie, you likely have a seawall, otherwise known as a breakwall. Seawalls prevent flooding and are used to deter shore erosion, which can eat away at the land and cause extreme damage to roads, homes and other buildings. Commonly made from concrete, seawalls are highly susceptible to falling and/or cracking due to the high-impact energy derived from the waves. However, instead of replacing it, many find seawall repair to be the better solution with the help of Mr. Level. Read on to understand the benefits of seawall repair.

Seawall on Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio.

Benefits of repairing a seawall

Rather than replacing your seawall, you’re actually better off repairing it. While this may seem like a temporary solution, savvy homeowners agree that seawall repair makes the most sense. There are several advantages of seawall repair, including:

  • Seawalls help protect your home and property against storm surge flooding by providing a barrier between water and land. Without the seawall barrier, your home, roads and property are open to flooding during bad storms. Seawall repair is usually cheaper than dealing with the consequences of flooding.

  • Seawalls help prevent shore erosion, which can eat away at the land, causing the beach and surf to disappear over time. When you have a lakefront property, erosion will cause the foundation to sink. Reinforcing your seawall by filling in any holes will prevent sand and dirt from being pulled out and will help maintain a level foundation for your home and property.

  • A fallen or cracked seawall is not only unsafe, but also visually unappealing. Being that no demolition is required for seawall repair, the surrounding landscape shouldn’t be damaged. Additionally, a well-maintained seawall can improve the property value and visual aesthetic.

  • Seawalls go up against Mother’s Nature’s wrath every day. Taking into the consideration, the ebb and flow of water surges and storms, you could find yourself replacing your seawall more often than you’d like. Replacing a seawall is a costly expense, so rather than draining your wallet, a more cost-effective solution would be to take preventative measures.

  • Maintaining a seawall is an ongoing project, but when it’s regularly maintained and repaired, it should last about 40 to 60 years. Most seawall repair projects can be completed within a single day.

  • Oftentimes, property owners will try to fix a cracked seawall with aggregate, which eventually deteriorates and causes you to repair your seawall on a more frequent basis. Mr. Level has found using poly leveling techniques to be the best seawall repair method.

Mr. Level repairing cracked seawall.

How to repair a seawall

Once damage is visible, there’s a small window of time for seawall repair. You’ll want to call Mr. Level right away. Mr. Level’s poly leveling process utilizes an eco-friendly polyurethane foam injected into the concrete to form a water-resistant seal, which will:

  • Displace standing water

  • Fill voids

  • Fill cracks

  • Regenerate a water tight barrier

Repaired seawall.

How much does it cost to repair a seawall?

Repairing your seawall with Mr. Level’s polyurethane leveling is about half the cost of replacing the concrete seawall entirely and is great for adding reinforcement. Contact Mr. Level to request a free quote today.

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