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Mr. Level Talks Concrete Repair on New Day Cleveland

By Mr. Level
July 03, 2019 Category: Concrete Repair

Get your home in summer shape by repairing your concrete patio, driveway, sidewalk, and more. Mr. Level owner Joe Work talks about his various concrete repair services and the benefits of polyurethane foam on New Day Cleveland. Learn more about the concrete repair services featured in the New Day Cleveland segment: Waterproofing Your Home At Mr. Level, one of our most important jobs is preventing water from leaking into someones home. Especially with the amount of rain we get in Cleveland, weve helped both customers who already have water in their basement as well as people who see the water outside of their homes that hasnt made its way into their house yet. We can fill voids and lift your sunken concrete patio, sidewalk, or driveway to stop and prevent water from leaking into your house. ADA Compliance for Sidewalks The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has a set of guidelines to ensure that sidewalks are constructed to a set of standards that ensures accessibility for the

Storm Protection for Your Lake Erie Break Wall

By Mr. Level
July 03, 2019 Category: Repairing A Seawall

If you live along Lake Erie, you know how powerful a storm can be. While you likely have storm protection for your windows and doors, its important to also remember your break wall (also known as a seawall). Sure, the whole point of a break wall is to protect your home and land from powerful waves and flooding. However, the high-impact energy derived from the waves can make your break wall susceptible to falling and/or cracking. Heres what you should do before and after a Lake Erie storm. Ongoing Break Wall Maintenance Taking into consideration the power of a Lake Erie storm, you may find yourself replacing your break wall more often than youd like. Rather than replacement, a more cost-effective solution is to take ongoing preventative measures against storms and water surges. With poly leveling, a regularly maintained break wall should last about 40 to 60 years. This process utilizes an eco-friendly polyurethane foam injected into the concrete to form a water-resistant seal. This

The Importance of a Commercial Concrete Inspection

By Mr. Level
July 03, 2019 Category: Concrete Repair

As a business owner, safety and budgets are two things that are likely always top-of-mind. When was your last concrete inspection? A commercial concrete inspection reveals underlying problems, that if repaired, can prevent customer and employee injury, and more expensive concrete replacement projects down the line. Why Regular Concrete Inspections Are Necessary Your sidewalks, steps, parking lots, and more are likely made of concrete. Eventually, wear and tear from regular use and exposure to certain weather conditions can cause cracks and uneven surfaces, leading to flooding and trip hazards. While your insurance policy will likely cover claims, slipping on a wet surface or tripping over a concrete crack may cause your premium to spike, leading to years of increased costs. You may even be violating ADA regulations, which could slap your business with additional fines. The more you prolong your concrete repairs, the faster these issues can escalate. This is where a concrete inspection

Protect Your Home with Concrete Protective Systems

By Mr. Level
June 26, 2019 Category: , Polyurethane, Concrete Repair

Mr. Level offers a complete concrete protective system service to anyone who has concrete on their property, which is almost everyone! With this preventative measure, your home and outdoor areas will look great, and create a safe environment for a very long time! Do You Have Unleveled Concrete? More often than not, we provide our concrete protective service to homeowners who have an unleveled driveway. As seen in the photo below, sunken concrete can cause a dangerous tripping hazard. Or sometimes an uneven driveway can cause water to flood into your home. What Can I do if I have an Unleveled Driveway, Sidewalk, or patio? Polyurethane Foam Lifting The solution is quick and painless! Mr. Level comes to you, we lift the sunken concrete with our fast-drying polyurethane foam, leaving behind minimal holes in the concrete where we inserted the foam. We then fill those holes. Concrete Stabilization We also offer concrete stabilization. We check your concrete to see or hear voids underneath

How Ohio Weather Affects Concrete

By Mr. Level
June 24, 2019 Category: General

The beauty of Ohio is that we truly get to experience all four seasonswinter, spring, summer, and autumn. From a concrete perspective, though, these different seasons can negatively affect concrete. When its too hot, too cold, or when both temperature extremes are felt in one day, the weather can damage your concrete, leaving unsightly cracks and uneven concrete. Heres how the different seasons can take a toll on your new and existing concrete. Winter You know how brutal Ohio winters can be. Freezing temperatures, snow, and ice can all wreak havoc on your concrete. However, salt can sometimes end up doing the most damage. Concrete is a permeable material, so even though its solid and strong, liquids and gases can still pass through it. When salt and other de-icing chemicals are put on concrete, the acidic properties of the salt can seep through the concrete and attack the bonds that hold the concrete together. This causes your concrete to deteriorate faster and cause cracks, voids,

How to Check for Water Leaks in Your Home

By Mr. Level
June 24, 2019 Category: Water Leaks

This season, weve seen a lot of rain in Northeast Ohio. One of the most commonand importantjobs is preventing water from leaking into your home. At Mr. Level, weve helped both customers who already have water in their basement as well as people who see the water outside of their homes that hasnt made its way into their house yet. Before you give us a call, here are two places to check around your home to prevent water leaks. 1. Gutters Look up: Are your gutters draining the water toward your house or away from it? A quality gutter system will collect the rainwater that runs off your home and deposit onto the ground away from your home. There could be a number of reasons why your gutters are draining water toward your home. Do your gutters need to be cleaned? Leaves and other debris often gets trapped in the system, causing rain water to spill close to the foundation of your home. Are your gutters sagging? You may need to replace the hangars. And dont forget to inspect your downspouts.

Play Basketball to Test the Strength of Your Concrete

By Mr. Level
June 24, 2019 Category: General

Your daughter likes to dribble around your driveway. You love shooting hoops with your son. Playing basketball in your driveway is good for more than sneaking in some quality family time or becoming the next Lebron James. Your driveway basketball court can also be a great tool to test the strength of your concrete. Fill Driveway Voids Do you hear an echo when your dribble a basketball on your driveway? Do you feel like the ground is shaking? When this happens, it means there is a void under your driveway. Voids can cause the concrete to crack, which can lead to trip hazards and injuries. Polyurethane can be used to fill the voids under your driveway. The process is simple: We drill a dime-sized hole, put our ports in the ground, and the foam goes in. The polyurethane foam expands to fill the voids and hardens within 15 seconds. The best part is that it doesnt have to interrupt your basketball game! Because of the quick cure time, you can be back shooting hoops on your driveway immediately. Level

Concrete Caulking Services Increase the Longevity of Your Investments

By Mr. Level
June 11, 2019 Category: Caulking, Waterproofing

One of the best ways to prevent your concrete driveway, patio, sidewalks, etc. from sinking or cracking is with our caulking service at Mr. Level! Caulking is a great way to stop water from leaking underneath your concrete, which can create a few issues for your property. Caulking is very important for the longevity of your concrete. If you caulk your seams, there is a very good chance that youre not going to have any issues with settling in the future. Caulking Can Prevent Cracks and Further Damage In the picture above, you can see a crack that formed in this concrete sidewalk. You can also see that we have filled the crack and the two seams with caulk. The reason this crack formed was because there were already cracks in the seams, but the homeowner could not see them because they were hidden in the seams. If these cracks were to go uncaulked, water would still be flowing into them, getting underneath the concrete which would eventually cause the sidewalk to crack more and even

Power Washing Services from Mr. Level

By Mr. Level
June 04, 2019 Category: Power Washing

At Mr. Level, our goal is to provide you with the best value for your home when it comes to leveling, stabilizing, and protecting your concrete. But did you know that we also offer power washing services? Power Washing with Mr. Level Our power washing service is the best way to get the full value out of your concrete. If we are lifting your driveway, patio, or sidewalk, we suggest our power washing service afterward to clean the pavement so that we are not sealing a dirty piece of concrete. Its a very affordable and simple service that you should consider, not just for the aesthetic value but because you dont want to seal a dirty patio or a dirty driveway. By power washing and then sealing youre increasing the longevity of that piece of concrete. Before and After Power Washing Power Washing Isnt Just for Your Concrete. We can power wash almost any surface on your property, including your house, deck, roof, garage, pool, etc. How Soon Can I Get My Home Power Washed? We can usually

Lifting City Concrete with Polyurethane Foam

By Mr. Level
May 28, 2019 Category: Concrete Leveling, City Work

At Mr. Level, we specialize in lifting concrete, whether its a driveway, patio, basement, stairs, and so much more. But we dont only offer our services to homeowners; we have experience in lifting concrete for cities as well! Not only can we lift concrete that has settled on city streets, but we can do it for very low prices compared to other services that lift concrete. We dont make a mess, and we get in and out, so we dont disrupt the flow of traffic for days at a time! Concrete City Streets Concrete city streets take a beating every year from constant traffic to the snow plows in the winter. After a while, the concrete will begin to sink from all these heavy vehicles drivingover them. Concrete that has settled on a street can create some really big issues: potholes water pooling disruptive noises causes damage to tires and more. Why Fix City Streets with Mr. Level? With Mr. Levels Polyurethane concrete leveling services, we are about to lift the concrete and eliminate every

Concrete Slab Stabilization

By Mr. Level
May 21, 2019 Category: Concrete Repair, Concrete Stabilizing

With any home and property projects, it is always easier to catch an issue before it turns into a bigger and more expensive problem. The same is true for stabilizing your concrete. Many people do not know that there is an issue with their driveways until it is too late afterthe concrete has settled. However, the solution is quick and painless! What is Concrete Stabilizing? Often, if your driveway has a void underneath the concrete, you can hear the drive shifting when you are parking, or your kids are playing on it. The sound is typically a thud. If you hear this thudding sound when youre on your driveway, it is important to call us right away so we can stabilize the concrete as soon as possible. To stabilize your driveway, all we have to do is drill a dime-sized hole into the concrete, and then we pump our polyurethane foam into the hole. This foam will fill the void underneath your driveway and allow it to become stable and safe from settling. In this example, the customer had

Polyurethane Foam Acts as a Barrier to Rodents

By Mr. Level
May 21, 2019 Category: Polyurethane

When it begins to get cold outside, mice and other rodents seek refuge. If they can find a way in, theyll move into your house, creating huge problems for homeowners. Theyll eat or destroy your food, gnaw at your power cords, boxes and shoes, leave droppings all over your house and multiply quickly. Prevention is key, and polyurethane expanding foam is an inexpensive and effective option that could be part of the solution to a potentially big problem. Rodent Resistant Expanding Foam The key to deterring rodents from entering your home is to close, fill or cover any openings they may be using to gain entry. Its best to inspect the areas around your homes foundation from the outside for any cracks or gaps where rodents could get in. Rodents can also squeeze through gaps and openings in pipes, so youll want to seal around those, as well. Filling the cracks and voids with the polyurethane foam acts as a rodent barrier, as mice and other rodents arent able to chew through spray foam insulation. With

The 4 Best Improvements to Make Before Selling Your House

By Mr. Level
May 21, 2019 Category: General

The checklist for selling your house can be long. Overlooking certain areas or cutting corners could result in selling your home for a price lower than youre hoping. Thats why taking measures to improve your homes appearance is a must to not only sell your home but to also add to its value. Here are a few home improvement ideas for getting your house ready to sell. Level Uneven Concrete Prospective buyers expect level surfaces, whether its your concrete slab floors or the front porch. Rather than replace the concrete (or worse, ignore it), you can quickly level it using polyurethane foam. Concrete leveling can be done for half the cost of replacement and can be completed in mere hours as opposed to days. It wont damage the surrounding area and will be immediately ready for foot traffic for all your home tours. Close the Gaps Prospective buyers will see right through those cracks and gaps in your homes foundation. Polyurethane can also be used to fill voids and create a water-resistant

Debunking 6 Concrete Repair Myths

By Mr. Level
May 21, 2019 Category: Concrete Repair

There are a lot of misconceptions about concrete repair. Maybe youve heard its costly or invasive. Or, perhaps you think uneven or cracked concrete is a cosmetic repair or that different methods of leveling concrete are better than others. Below, weve debunked common myths youve heard about concrete leveling and repair. Concrete repair jobs are expensive. Concrete replacement can be expensive. However, for half the cost, you can repair concrete with polyurethane concrete leveling foam. With Mr. Level, our concrete leveling services are guaranteed to last a lifetime, which you wont find anywhere else in Ohio. Concrete crack repair is 100% cosmetic. While cracked concrete is unattractive and an excellent place for grass and weeds to grow, its more than just a cosmetic repair. Its also damaging to vehicles and can create unsafe conditions for pedestrians on your property. Concrete repair takes days to complete. Concrete leveling and repair is fast when you use polyurethane. Rather

Save Your Property and Money by Reinforcing Your Break Wall with Mr. Level

By Mr. Level
May 14, 2019 Category: Polyurethane, Repairing A Sea Wall, Waterproofing

One of our biggest void filling jobs at Mr. Level is filling break walls. If you own property on Lake Erie, you probablyhave a break wallor seawallto help prevent erosion and flooding. These break walls are typically made of concrete which means that they themselves will eventually erode mainly due to constant contact from waves in heavy rain and snow storms. Some typical signsof break wall erosion are uneven concrete, cracks in the wall, and more. The reason that the concrete cannot withstand the waves is due to voids within and underneath the break wall. Repairing Your Break Wall with Polyurethane The solution is simple, effective, and affordable! We come to your property and fill the voids in your break wall with polyurethane foam. This foam expands in 15 seconds, combining itself with the break wall creating a watertight barrier. The foam actually sprays out about two to three feet in length so we can spray back in really deep crevices creating a more reinforced wall. Reinforcing

How Do I Prevent Water from Leaking into My Basement?

By Mr. Level
May 07, 2019 Category: Polyurethane, Concrete Leveling, Water Leaks

At Mr. Level, we specialize in polyurethane concrete lifting and one of our most importantjobsispreventing water from leaking into someones home. We get calls from customers who already have water leaking into their basements, and calls from people who see the water on the outside of their homes, but it isnt making its way into their house yet. Mr. Level should be the first call you make to ensure your home is safe from water, even before you call a waterproofer! This customer had water leaking into their basement because of the sunken concrete shown here. So, we went there, lifted the concrete with polyurethane,andtipped it the other way so that the water wasdraining away from their house. This process only cost the customer a few hundred dollars which is much less expensive than if they had called a waterproofer! Polyurethane Prevents Pooling Water Below is a photo of a customers driveway which part of had settled allowing water to pool up against their house. This is one of

Lift Your Concrete with Polyurethane

By Mr. Level
April 30, 2019 Category: Polyurethane, Concrete Leveling

Concrete settles because the base underneath it has given way. The foundation is created from the extracted dirt from the basement of the house. After a while, this foundation begins to sink due to clay pockets. As it rains, those clay pockets have to fill in air space causing the weight of the concrete to press down on the base. We at Mr. Level specialize in lifting sunken concrete so that its leveled again, leaving your home safe and beautiful! The majority of the jobs we handle are walkways in the front of houses such as the one shown below. You can see that this contractor did a really good job because he used rebar in the front porch so it wouldnt settle. Unfortunately, the weight of the concrete still made it snap, and it settled. But there is a way to repair it after it has settled! What is Polyurethane Concrete Leveling? Polyurethane concrete leveling is the best solution to fixing unleveled concrete as it is the most durable material that will support your concrete walkways

Concrete Grinding Vs. Leveling

By Mr. Level
April 16, 2019 Category: Concrete Leveling

When repairing your concrete driveway and sidewalk, there are a few methods homeowners can turn to for fast and easy leveling, rather than replacing it entirely. Mudjacking, as previously discussed, doesnt have the long-term guarantee of other concrete leveling methods. That leaves homeowners with the options of concrete grinding or leveling. Understand the difference between these two concrete repair methods, and why concrete leveling with polyurethane foam is the best option for homeowners. What is Concrete Grinding? Concrete grinding is a process of using an abrasive tool to grind rough concrete surfaces to reveal a smooth and shiny surface. Its commonly used by homeowners to repair concrete surfaces like driveways and sidewalks. The problem with grinding concrete as a repair solution, though, is purely cosmetic. If you want to improve the look and value of your property, concrete grinding wont match your existing concrete. Grinded concrete is a different color, as it reveals bright

ADA Compliance Guidelines for Sidewalks

By Mr. Level
March 11, 2019 Category: General

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has a set of guidelines to ensure that sidewalks are constructed to a set of standards that ensures accessibility for the disabled. If theyre not accessible, sidewalks are one of the most common areas that can pose great challenges and dangers to the blind, to anyone in a wheelchair, or to anyone using crutches if theyre not accessible. Follow these ADA compliance guidelines to ensure the safety of all pedestrians on your sidewalks. ADA Sidewalk Requirements Sidewalks and curb ramps need to be made in compliance with ADA standards. When roads are resurfaced or concrete cracks, its important to repair it right away. Heres how to determine if your sidewalk is up to code. Sidewalk width Sidewalk width requirements are especially important for wheelchair-bound individuals. For ADA compliance, the minimum sidewalk width is 36 inches (3 feet), though sidewalks can be wider. If sidewalks are less than 60 inches (5 feet) wide, passing spaces must

Patio Leveling

By Mr. Level
February 20, 2019 Category: General

Level your sunken patio Many home patios are made from concrete because of its durability and even visual qualities, especially when stamped with a design. However, concrete can lead to sunken patios and gaps between slabs. Chalk it up to excessive wear and tear, extreme weather conditions, or shifting in soil. Uneven patios are a huge problem for homeowners because they can cause poor drainage, trip hazards, puddling, icing, and cracked concrete. Rather than replace the concrete, homeowners are better off repairing it. Patio leveling Concrete leveling is fast and inexpensive compared to a complete patio overhaul. Mr. Level has experience raising patios to fix issues associated with uneven concrete. Benefits of concrete leveling include: the cost of replacement Does not damage the surrounding landscape Repaired in hours while it would require days to remove and replace Eliminates trip hazards and associated liabilities Polyurethane concrete leveling foam Polyurethane foam and