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Before and After: Stamped Concrete Patio Repair Leveling

Laying a new concrete patio is an investment, but just like any other concrete it is likely to settle and crack overtime. With stamped concrete the seams can help direct the settling to specific areas, but you may need to repair your cracked concrete over time. 

This project we completed was for a sunken stamped concrete patio. See our before, in process, and after images below.


You can see in these before images that there was a large crack along the seam of the patio that caused the patio to sink toward the house. It also exposed a void, or gap, underneath the concrete step at the back of the house. 

In addition to an uneven surface, when you have concrete that’s sinking toward the house you should be concerned about water running into your foundation. To solve this problem, we used foam to level the concrete and fill the void under the step. 

Before concrete leveling the stamped concrete patio has a crack and a space underneath the back porch step

Before image of space below back porch step that needs to be filled


Mr. Level uses a polyurethane foam to raise concrete and fill voids. For this project we injected foam into the void under the step first. 

In process Mr. Level technician filling the void under a concrete step with polyurethane foam

Then we drilled !5D inch holes (about the size of a dime) into the slab to level the stamped concrete patio. With stamped concrete our holes are virtually unnoticed because we drill them into the stamp seam. 

Next, we install a port into the drilled holes. After that we attach an injection gun to the port that delivers the foam. Expansion of the material occurs within seconds and starts to raise the concrete. 

In process Mr. Level technician injecting foam into the ports to raise the concrete patio


Now that the foam is injected, the patio is level and the void under the step has been filled. No more worrying about water running into your foundation or a trip hazard in your backyard. With poly foam you can drive and walk on the surface immediately. The foam will also prevent the patio from sinking again in the future. 

After Mr. Level raised concrete patio and filled void under step.

Does your patio need cement repair? 

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