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Clear Home Inspections by Fixing Your Concrete Today

We understand that selling your house can be a bumpy road especially when the inspection report comes back with a list of items that need to be addressed before the home can be sold. Concrete raising with  polyurethane can help eliminate some of the stress by offering an inexpensive and quick solution to many concrete issues that may be on a home inspectors report. As a polyurethane contactor, the items we see most flagged are concrete pitch, step height and trip hazards.

The requirements in Avon, OH for passing your inspection add to the challenge. If raising your concrete happens to be one of the tasks you need for a clear inspection, we’d be happy to help you raise, level and smooth out your concrete with polyurethane.


To raise concrete, we drill holes into already established concrete and inject a polyurethane foam that lifts the concrete back up where it belongs. This process uses very few resources and takes almost no time at all to do. Replacing concrete costs twice as much as concrete leveling — and it takes four weeks to completely harden. This makes the option to raise your existing concrete a complete no-brainer.

Leveling Concrete: Driveways and Patios

Concrete Leveling: Issues with Pitch

Concrete driveways and patios can also be problematic if they have issues with their pitch. With heavy rain or even flooding, this pitch can direct water towards your property, leading to water in your basement and foundation issues with the majority of your home. We can help raise this concrete so that it will pitch water away from your home. A property inspector will find it important that this water drains in the right place. And, with our help, your home will pass inspection.

Sunk-down or uneven steps can also contribute to negative pitch and draw water toward your home. For the likelihood of a soil settlement, we will align your steps to nearly 7.5 inches apart from each other.


Another common problem is when concrete steps as part of patios, porches and stoops sink down after years of foot traffic. More than 8.25 inches between steps can raise a red flag come inspection time. We can raise one or more steps for you so that they get back to normal and clear inspection.


And of course, there is always a chance that the home inspector will notice large cracks, potholes or bumps in your driveway. These are considered serious hazards for pedestrians and cars alike. The section between your garage flooring and your driveway may also be seriously misaligned. We can smooth out all of these rough spots so that your concrete is one smooth surface.

You can measure your concrete yourself with measuring tape to determine whether or not your home is ready to sell. If you notice unfavorable results, contact Mr. Level for a FREE consultation at (855-675-3835) or fill out this form. We have been helping homeowners raise value of their properties by raising their sunken concrete.