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Can Concrete Leveling Fix a Sunken Patio?

By Mr Level
August 02, 2018 Category: Sunken Concrete

Welcome back to another video series With us isDan Carbone ofVirteom, and Mr. Level owner,Joe Work. Were excited about the topic of this blog today. A problem a lot of home owners in Northeast Ohio have is that their patio is sunken, and water begins rushing towards the house. Homeowners are faced with a tough decision: how can I fix my sunken patio? Can Concrete Leveling Fix a Sunken Patio? Fixing sunken patios are one of the biggest jobs Mr. Level has. In our video interiew example, the patio shown on the house was sinking, the foundation was exposed -- you can even see the wood, and the step up to the front door is well over 12 inches -- making it a safety hazard. To Replace or Repair a Sunken Patio? We would rather fix your sunken pavers than replace them. It costs almost twice as much to replace uneven concrete as it does to repair through raising and leveling your cement! Repairing your sunken concrete patio will: Save Money Repairing your concrete is a

Benefits of Foam Jacking Sidewalks

By Mr Level
June 21, 2018 Category: Polyurethane

Uneven sidewalks can be unsightly and dangerous. Often, the responsibility of fixing an uneven sidewalk falls upon the homeowner or business owner. Replacing an uneven sidewalk comes with a huge price tag but you dont have to replace it. You can repair it! You have a few options on how to level a sidewalk but the best way is with polyurethane foam. Here are some great advantages to using this method to level your sidewalk: Using Polyurethane to Level Your Sidewalk is a Clean Method Other methods of sidewalk leveling require you transport materials to the worksite and mix it there before applying it to the sidewalk. Although spills can be washed away, these methods are messy and wasteful. When you pump your sidewalk with polyurethane, the equipment just needs to be connected and sealed to the repair area, resulting in fewer spills and less waste. Foam Jacking with Polyurethane is not Disruptive Some other methods of sidewalk leveling require quite a bit of drilling into concrete

What PolyJacking Means Vs. MudJacking

By Mr Level
June 07, 2018 Category: Polyurethane

Sinking, uneven concrete? Pump it, dont replace it! There are two different ways to approach concrete leveling. There is mudjacking and there is polyurethane lifting. We like to think of Mudjacking as more of the Flintstones approach. With mudjacking, they pump in mud underneath your sunken concrete. The mix then hardens up underneath your concrete to level it. Recently, we were hired to come in and correct a mudjacking job. In this video you can see the product they used to pump the uneven patio hardened up and the slab ended up back in its old sunken state: The mudjacking product distorted the property, and rendered the patio unusable. Concrete Leveling with Polyurethane When we go in with polyurethane, which is a new form, I call it the Jetsons approach. Were going in with 100% liquid A/B product. When the product touches itself, it mixes and raises within 15 seconds. It is water resistant and is a close cell process, (meaning that nothing is ever going to irritate it). We,

Leveling Concrete in Confined Spaces

By Mr Level
May 17, 2018 Category: , General

Do you have uneven concrete on your property? Is your land sloped, cracked or just not level? Let Mr Level restore your concrete to an even and comfortable grade. Our concrete leveling with polyurethane can level out just about any ground, even in tight or closed-off spaces. Keep reading to find out the benefits of leveling concrete in confined spaces. Watch How We Transformed this Confined Space with Concrete Leveling: Ready to even your concrete grounds? Request a free quote from Mr. Level of North Ridgeville, Ohio, and get started today! Concrete Levelingin Confined Spaces When concrete slabs sink into the ground, its usually due to hallow or unstable ground beneath the concrete. Over time, even a concrete foundation that was once stable can give way to erosion. Unlevel concrete and eroded land can be particularly challenging in confined spaces like a backyard patio, a small shed floor or a tiny garage. If you want to remove and replace all the concrete, you dont have much

Voids Under Concrete? Mr. Level Can Help!

By Mr Level
April 24, 2018 Category: Concrete Voids, Cement Leveling

How solid is the ground beneath your concrete? Keep your concrete level and prevent accidents with Mr. Level polyurethane concrete leveling. Whats Under Your Concrete? Are there voids? In our area of Ohio, there are many reasons why a one stable piece of property can become uneven. Once it does, it presents a trip-and-fall safety hazard. Uneven concrete can lead to long term problems including land erosion, water retention or complete collapse. When you notice your concrete sloping or jutting up from the ground, you have three choices for how to deal with it. Ignore it, hope it goes away This isnt a good option, not if you value your concrete property. So, move on to: Replace your concrete This is expensive and usually unnecessary. Unlevel concrete can be raised, lowered and stabilized with, Concrete leveling Drill into the concrete, inject deep foam polyurethane and level your concrete with the rest of your property. Signs of Trouble with Your Concrete or Land Before

Why Did my Concrete Sink?

By Mr Level
February 22, 2018 Category: Concrete Leveling

There are many factors that have an impact on how well concrete holds up over time. One of the most common issues homeowners have with concrete is having it settle, or sink, as the years pass. As this happens, the first question that a property owner asks, is why did my concrete sink? While the exact reasons can vary upon different factors, the ultimate reason is that the base under the concrete made it a poor-quality location. This may not be due entirely to the chosen spot, but the workmanship that went into preparing the base. To help you understand why it happened a bit better, here are some of the factors to consider: The base was improperly compacted. This is a workmanship error, as the crew that pours the concrete is responsible for making sure the soil, gravel and everything else under the concrete has been compacted firmly enough to support the weight of the concrete that will be poured on top of it. Erosion of the base. If there is any sort of water that can get under the