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What is Concrete Pool Leveling?

By Mr. Level
July 05, 2018 Category: Cement Leveling, Pools

Concrete pools are meant to be strong and last a long time. But it is not to say that they do not require a good bit of maintaining in order to keep them in pristine condition every year. As you own your concrete pool long-term, it comes as no surprise if it begins to sink due to one or more of the following conditions: Flooding Poor compaction Underperforming pool equipment And soil erosions Symptoms for these pool conditions include cracks, triphazards, deck settlements, and uneven water levels on two or more sides of your pool. Whether you are facing issues with your concrete pool, or have a bad feeling about the shape of your pool, there is no concrete job that Mr. Level cannot handle. We provide excellent polyurethane concrete stabilization that is fast, hassle-free, and effective. How Does Concrete Pool Leveling Work? With Mr. Level, your concrete pool can be repaired and/or lifted with polymer injections that expand underneath your concrete. As a result, your pool is raised

Cement Leveling with Masonry

By Mr. Level
May 01, 2018 Category: Cement Leveling, Masonry

Video Recap: In this mini-series with Dan Carbone and Joe Work, Owner of Mr. Level, we cover cement leveling with masonry. A lot of people dont know that even though Mr. Level is acement levelingbusiness, we can still do something with masonry. Leveling a Masonry Step You can see (below) that there is a masonry step (brick) with a sandstone top. Fortunately, this masonry was placed on top of a patio. If this was not ona patio, we would not have been able to complete this job. Since this has a base we were able to drill through the base and drill through the step and the base as one entity. You can see (below) the step is now level and we brought it up.It saved this whole job. If they were to redo the patio and the step it would have been a $6,000 job. It ended up only being a $2,000 job. They walked away and were absolutely ecstatic. We were able to save this couple of having to match their brick home to a new modern patio. By only leveling the step we saved their backyard. Timeline Instead

Voids Under Concrete? Mr. Level Can Help!

By Mr Level
April 24, 2018 Category: Concrete Voids, Cement Leveling

How solid is the ground beneath your concrete? Keep your concrete level and prevent accidents with Mr. Level polyurethane concrete leveling. Whats Under Your Concrete? Are there voids? In our area of Ohio, there are many reasons why a one stable piece of property can become uneven. Once it does, it presents a trip-and-fall safety hazard. Uneven concrete can lead to long term problems including land erosion, water retention or complete collapse. When you notice your concrete sloping or jutting up from the ground, you have three choices for how to deal with it. Ignore it, hope it goes away This isnt a good option, not if you value your concrete property. So, move on to: Replace your concrete This is expensive and usually unnecessary. Unlevel concrete can be raised, lowered and stabilized with, Concrete leveling Drill into the concrete, inject deep foam polyurethane and level your concrete with the rest of your property. Signs of Trouble with Your Concrete or Land Before