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Lifting City Concrete with Polyurethane Foam

By Mr. Level
May 28, 2019 Category: Concrete Leveling, City Work

At Mr. Level, we specialize in lifting concrete, whether its a driveway, patio, basement, stairs, and so much more. But we dont only offer our services to homeowners; we have experience in lifting concrete for cities as well! Not only can we lift concrete that has settled on city streets, but we can do it for very low prices compared to other services that lift concrete. We dont make a mess, and we get in and out, so we dont disrupt the flow of traffic for days at a time! Concrete City Streets Concrete city streets take a beating every year from constant traffic to the snow plows in the winter. After a while, the concrete will begin to sink from all these heavy vehicles drivingover them. Concrete that has settled on a street can create some really big issues: potholes water pooling disruptive noises causes damage to tires and more. Why Fix City Streets with Mr. Level? With Mr. Levels Polyurethane concrete leveling services, we are about to lift the concrete and eliminate every