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Leveling Sandstone Sidewalks

By Mr. Level
May 24, 2018 Category: Leveling Sidewalks, Leveling Sandstone Sidewalks

Sidewalk Leveling Responsibility for maintenance of sidewalks, public or private, varies from city to city. There are many Cleveland suburbs that will cite its residents for sidewalks that are labeled as trip hazards or that cause puddling. Is your sidewalk a trip hazard? Did you already receive a citation? Feel free to give us a call for a free concrete leveling estimate or fill out our form online. Leveling Sidewalk Slabs Mr. Level is experienced in leveling sidewalks of all kind and can even preserve your sandstone sidewalks. Check out one instance where we saved a homeowners sandstone sidewalks: Leveling Sandstone Sidewalks Many of the older suburbs in Northeast Ohio, like Rocky River, have sandstone sidewalks. Sandstone sidewalks are a beautiful feature in any neighborhood. In the video (above) we explain an insance where a client wanted us topump theirsidewalk so they didnt lose the Rocky River charm theyve grown to love.We were able to get in, get the job done quickly, and