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Protect Your Home with Concrete Protective Systems

By Mr. Level
June 26, 2019 Category: , Polyurethane, Concrete Repair

Mr. Level offers a complete concrete protective system service to anyone who has concrete on their property, which is almost everyone! With this preventative measure, your home and outdoor areas will look great, and create a safe environment for a very long time! Do You Have Unleveled Concrete? More often than not, we provide our concrete protective service to homeowners who have an unleveled driveway. As seen in the photo below, sunken concrete can cause a dangerous tripping hazard. Or sometimes an uneven driveway can cause water to flood into your home. What Can I do if I have an Unleveled Driveway, Sidewalk, or patio? Polyurethane Foam Lifting The solution is quick and painless! Mr. Level comes to you, we lift the sunken concrete with our fast-drying polyurethane foam, leaving behind minimal holes in the concrete where we inserted the foam. We then fill those holes. Concrete Stabilization We also offer concrete stabilization. We check your concrete to see or hear voids underneath

Polyurethane Foam Acts as a Barrier to Rodents

By Mr. Level
May 21, 2019 Category: Polyurethane

When it begins to get cold outside, mice and other rodents seek refuge. If they can find a way in, theyll move into your house, creating huge problems for homeowners. Theyll eat or destroy your food, gnaw at your power cords, boxes and shoes, leave droppings all over your house and multiply quickly. Prevention is key, and polyurethane expanding foam is an inexpensive and effective option that could be part of the solution to a potentially big problem. Rodent Resistant Expanding Foam The key to deterring rodents from entering your home is to close, fill or cover any openings they may be using to gain entry. Its best to inspect the areas around your homes foundation from the outside for any cracks or gaps where rodents could get in. Rodents can also squeeze through gaps and openings in pipes, so youll want to seal around those, as well. Filling the cracks and voids with the polyurethane foam acts as a rodent barrier, as mice and other rodents arent able to chew through spray foam insulation. With

Save Your Property and Money by Reinforcing Your Break Wall with Mr. Level

By Mr. Level
May 14, 2019 Category: Polyurethane, Repairing A Sea Wall, Waterproofing

One of our biggest void filling jobs at Mr. Level is filling break walls. If you own property on Lake Erie, you probablyhave a break wallor seawallto help prevent erosion and flooding. These break walls are typically made of concrete which means that they themselves will eventually erode mainly due to constant contact from waves in heavy rain and snow storms. Some typical signsof break wall erosion are uneven concrete, cracks in the wall, and more. The reason that the concrete cannot withstand the waves is due to voids within and underneath the break wall. Repairing Your Break Wall with Polyurethane The solution is simple, effective, and affordable! We come to your property and fill the voids in your break wall with polyurethane foam. This foam expands in 15 seconds, combining itself with the break wall creating a watertight barrier. The foam actually sprays out about two to three feet in length so we can spray back in really deep crevices creating a more reinforced wall. Reinforcing

How Do I Prevent Water from Leaking into My Basement?

By Mr. Level
May 07, 2019 Category: Polyurethane, Concrete Leveling, Water Leaks

At Mr. Level, we specialize in polyurethane concrete lifting and one of our most importantjobsispreventing water from leaking into someones home. We get calls from customers who already have water leaking into their basements, and calls from people who see the water on the outside of their homes, but it isnt making its way into their house yet. Mr. Level should be the first call you make to ensure your home is safe from water, even before you call a waterproofer! This customer had water leaking into their basement because of the sunken concrete shown here. So, we went there, lifted the concrete with polyurethane,andtipped it the other way so that the water wasdraining away from their house. This process only cost the customer a few hundred dollars which is much less expensive than if they had called a waterproofer! Polyurethane Prevents Pooling Water Below is a photo of a customers driveway which part of had settled allowing water to pool up against their house. This is one of

Lift Your Concrete with Polyurethane

By Mr. Level
April 30, 2019 Category: Polyurethane, Concrete Leveling

Concrete settles because the base underneath it has given way. The foundation is created from the extracted dirt from the basement of the house. After a while, this foundation begins to sink due to clay pockets. As it rains, those clay pockets have to fill in air space causing the weight of the concrete to press down on the base. We at Mr. Level specialize in lifting sunken concrete so that its leveled again, leaving your home safe and beautiful! The majority of the jobs we handle are walkways in the front of houses such as the one shown below. You can see that this contractor did a really good job because he used rebar in the front porch so it wouldnt settle. Unfortunately, the weight of the concrete still made it snap, and it settled. But there is a way to repair it after it has settled! What is Polyurethane Concrete Leveling? Polyurethane concrete leveling is the best solution to fixing unleveled concrete as it is the most durable material that will support your concrete walkways

Benefits of Foam Jacking Sidewalks

By Mr Level
June 21, 2018 Category: Polyurethane

Uneven sidewalks can be unsightly and dangerous. Often, the responsibility of fixing an uneven sidewalk falls upon the homeowner or business owner. Replacing an uneven sidewalk comes with a huge price tag but you dont have to replace it. You can repair it! You have a few options on how to level a sidewalk but the best way is with polyurethane foam. Here are some great advantages to using this method to level your sidewalk: Using Polyurethane to Level Your Sidewalk is a Clean Method Other methods of sidewalk leveling require you transport materials to the worksite and mix it there before applying it to the sidewalk. Although spills can be washed away, these methods are messy and wasteful. When you pump your sidewalk with polyurethane, the equipment just needs to be connected and sealed to the repair area, resulting in fewer spills and less waste. Foam Jacking with Polyurethane is not Disruptive Some other methods of sidewalk leveling require quite a bit of drilling into concrete

What PolyJacking Means Vs. MudJacking

By Mr Level
June 07, 2018 Category: Polyurethane

Sinking, uneven concrete? Pump it, dont replace it! There are two different ways to approach concrete leveling. There is mudjacking and there is polyurethane lifting. We like to think of Mudjacking as more of the Flintstones approach. With mudjacking, they pump in mud underneath your sunken concrete. The mix then hardens up underneath your concrete to level it. Recently, we were hired to come in and correct a mudjacking job. In this video you can see the product they used to pump the uneven patio hardened up and the slab ended up back in its old sunken state: The mudjacking product distorted the property, and rendered the patio unusable. Concrete Leveling with Polyurethane When we go in with polyurethane, which is a new form, I call it the Jetsons approach. Were going in with 100% liquid A/B product. When the product touches itself, it mixes and raises within 15 seconds. It is water resistant and is a close cell process, (meaning that nothing is ever going to irritate it). We,

Leveling Concrete With Polyurethane Proves a WIN

By Mr. Level
September 29, 2017 Category: Polyurethane

Mudjacking and polyurethane offer solutions to uneven concrete without replacement. But what is the difference between the two methods? Why would you choose one over the other? Lets take a look. The Process of Leveling Concrete Mudjacking pumps concrete (or mud) under a building, driveway or other sunken concrete to lift it. A specialized hydraulic pump pushes the mud mix into small holes drilled in the slabs. This method is the traditional way to fix cracked, sinking and uneven concrete. With the polyurethane option, specialized polyurethane foam is used in place of the mud. The foam expands after filling the holes drilled in the concrete slab. As the material expands, the concrete is lifted. Which is the Better Choice? Appearance Fewer and smaller holes (an inch smaller) are drilled when choosing the polyurethane over the mudjacking method. This quality leads to a cleaner looking job. Plus, fewer resources and heavy equipment are required meaning a neater job site. Longevity Since