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Category: Repairing A Seawall

Storm Protection for Your Lake Erie Break Wall

By Mr. Level
July 03, 2019 Category: Repairing A Seawall

If you live along Lake Erie, you know how powerful a storm can be. While you likely have storm protection for your windows and doors, its important to also remember your break wall (also known as a seawall). Sure, the whole point of a break wall is to protect your home and land from powerful waves and flooding. However, the high-impact energy derived from the waves can make your break wall susceptible to falling and/or cracking. Heres what you should do before and after a Lake Erie storm. Ongoing Break Wall Maintenance Taking into consideration the power of a Lake Erie storm, you may find yourself replacing your break wall more often than youd like. Rather than replacement, a more cost-effective solution is to take ongoing preventative measures against storms and water surges. With poly leveling, a regularly maintained break wall should last about 40 to 60 years. This process utilizes an eco-friendly polyurethane foam injected into the concrete to form a water-resistant seal. This