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Category: Settled Steps

Front Step Has Settled and How We Repaired It!

By Mr. Level
August 16, 2018 Category: Settled Steps

Today on our mini-series with Mr. Level Owner, Joe Work, and Virteom CEO Dan Carbone, we talk aboutfront steps that have settledand how Mr. Level was able to come in with polyurethane foam and pump it back up to regulation. My Front Step has Settled - What Should I do? Its hard enough for the Average Joe to climb uneven, settled steps. But imagine having to climb these same steps as a child or a grandparent? Unevensettled stepsare a trip hazard, and make it hard just to get in and out of your front door. Weve seenuneven, settled concrete stepsmany times in the concrete leveling business, but in this particular case -- we went out to an elderly couples house and took care of their settled cement. Uneven Steps: Breaking City Codes Having to climb steps that are significantly different in height, depth and width from the other stairs can upset climbers balance -- resulting in a fall. Step building codes are based on the assumption that each step should be the same size, making it easy