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Fix driveway cracks

While you may think a cracked driveway isn’t a big deal, it can become more hazardous the longer you leave the cracks alone. Cracks can grow over time have the potential to cause serious harm to cars and pedestrians on your property. Furthermore, cracks aren’t attractive and serve as a great place for grass or weeds to grow.

What causes concrete to crack?

Does all concrete crack? Yes—and driveways are especially susceptible. Concrete cracks over time due to temperature and moisture. When humidity and temperature changes, concrete will shrink and expand, causing it to crack and chip. That’s why silicone-based caulking is most ideal for areas like driveways and sidewalks that are prone to expansion and contraction.

What is caulk used for?

Caulk helps to repair cracked concrete, improve the strength of your driveway, and prevent damage like soil erosion. In addition to restoring the functionality of your driveway, you’ll also improve its overall appearance by preventing grass and weeds from growing in the cracks. Driveway caulk will not prevent new cracks from appearing, but existing cracks won’t have a chance to cause any problems for you or your cars.

In addition to cracked concrete, caulk is important for new concrete, especially after your driveway and sidewalk has been leveled. While procedures like concrete leveling with polyurethane can raise and realign concrete slabs, caulking after this procedure will make your driveway smooth and risk-free and help to ensure that it won’t sink again.

Caulk can also be used to repair porch, patio and sidewalk cracks as well as seal over cracks and gaps around the exterior of your home’s foundation.

Caulk driveway cracks with Mr. Level

Do you have a cracked driveway? Call Mr. Level to not just raise your concrete, but have it filled in and smoothed out with our silicone-based caulking. We’ll send one of our qualified experts to your home to evaluate your property and offer you a free quote.

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