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Leveling Steps

Repair Your Concrete Steps

Uneven concrete steps can be dangerous to walk up and down. Voids, or separations between the concrete and the step can also be unattractive. Rather than replace your stairs, you’re better off repairing it. Mr. Level can transform your porch and patio concrete steps to remove tripping hazards and create safe and stable stairs.

Leveling Sunken Concrete Steps

Leveling concrete steps is a great cautionary measure, especially leading up to the winter months when ice can make uneven steps even more hazardous. Mr. Level has experience repairing concrete steps to fix issues associated with cracks, voids, and uneven concrete.

Benefits of concrete leveling include:

  • ½ the cost of replacement
  • Does not damage the surrounding porch, patio, or landscape
  • Repaired in hours, while it would require days to remove and replace
  • Eliminates trip hazards and associated liabilities

Polyurethane Concrete Leveling Foam

Polyjacking and mudjacking are two concrete leveling methods to raise and support sunken concrete steps by drilling holes and pumping material under the concrete slab. For best results, Mr. Level’s polyurethane concrete leveling foam method provides the fastest and neatest way to improve the safety of your porch or patio.

Advantages of polyurethane concrete leveling include:

  • Concrete won’t move or sink. Mr. Level offers a lifetime guarantee on all of our services.
  • Quick cure time. This concrete leveling job only takes a couple of hours. Your steps can be ready for foot traffic on the same day.
  • Leaves a smaller drill size about the size of a dime, so there’s no damage to your curb appeal.

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