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Slab Floor Leveling

Repair your concrete floor slabs

Just because your interior concrete slabs aren’t directly exposed to the elements doesn’t mean large sections or the entire slab isn’t susceptible to settling, sinking, and cracks, which is most often seen in floating slab floors of ranch homes. As a result, flooring can pull away from the wall and baseboard molding, leaving gaps. Settled and sunken foundation slabs are a problem for homeowners with concrete floors because they can cause trip hazards, doors not to shut properly, and flooding which can affect the appearance and value of your home.

How to level a concrete floor

Concrete leveling is fast and inexpensive compared to a complete floor replacement. Mr. Level has experience repairing concrete floor slabs to fix issues associated with cracks, gaps, and uneven concrete. Benefits of concrete leveling include:

  • ½ the cost of replacement
  • Does not damage the surrounding area
  • Repaired in hours while it would require days to remove and replace
  • Eliminates trip hazards and associated liabilities

Polyurethane concrete leveling foam

Polyurethane foam and mudjacking are two concrete leveling methods to fill voids and raise and support sunken concrete floors by drilling holes and pumping material under the concrete slab.

For best results, homeowners rely on Mr. Level’s polyurethane concrete leveling foam method for the fastest and neatest way to improve the look and safety of their home. Advantages of polyurethane include:

  • Concrete won’t move or sink
  • Quick cure time
  • Immediately ready for foot traffic
  • Leaves a smaller drill size

Because polyurethane is less invasive, homeowners with carpeting don’t necessarily have to pull it back to get to the concrete slab. (Although, Mr. Level can move the carpet if you’d like.)

Fix Your Sunken and Cracked Slabs with Mr. Level

Uneven concrete floors can present many problems for homeowners. Contact Mr. Level for more information on concrete floor leveling or to get a free quote.

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