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New Concrete


Concrete leveling can cost half as much or less than concrete replacement! With new technologies and over 50 years of experience in concerete, Mr. Level always recommends repairing first. Over time and through various conditions, your concrete will settle, sink, and become uneven. Your home is an important investment and you want it looking great! Mr. Level uses polyurethane concrete raising to level your concrete.

Mr. Level is one of the only companies that will redo your concrete with new concrete if it's not able to be fixed or replaced. In need of concrete expertise? Mr. Level is a complete concrete company and has experience with driveways and extensions, porches, patios, decorative concrete, pool decks, garage floors, and more.

Need a driveway put in? Need an old driveway dug up and replaced? Looking for a nice finish? We can replace your driveway with more than a simple broom finish. We offer many designs and can do a hand troll finish and stamped border.

Stand Out

Looking to differentiate yourself? You want the outside to match the inside with a beautiful, refined look that you get to pick. We're one of the few companies that allows you to choose a color and stamp design before we get started! With a high gloss sealer added after the concrete is poured, you're sure to stand out among the pack.

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Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is patterned and usually used for decorative and visually appealing outdoor areas. We are able to level stamped concrete with our usual methods. We're able to replace any stamped concrete that is not able to be leveled and have recommendations for pool deck concrete sealant.

Regular Concrete

Regular concrete is flat and usually used for driveways, floors, walkways, and more. Whatever your needs, Mr. Level is here for you with a 2 year gurauntee on our work. We will level or replace your concrete in accordance with your needs. Want to know what's involved in a driveway replacement?