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Regular Concrete

Concrete Leveling

Our seasoned veteran has over 50 years of experience in concrete and leveling has come a long way! Polyurethane and Mudjacking are both used to level concrete, but polyurethane is the preferred method. The polyurethane method is more cost effective and leaves smaller holes than mudjacking, therefore less margin for visual error. New technologies have made concrete leveling easier, more affordable, and environmentally safe.  And with Mr. Level, you get a 2 year guarantee on any work we do for you!


If you're building for a new landscape or property and need new concrete, look no further! Mr. Level has extensive experience and expertise in concrete. In addition to new designs and concrete, we can also replace any concrete for you. Mr. Level is actually one of the only companies you'll find that will replace the concrete if you can't level it!

Over time concrete begins to settle, crack, lean, sink, and become disfigured. If we're unable to level it out or leveling doesn't save you time and money, we'll replace it for you! Regular concrete replacement is common in driveways, read on to learn about driveway replacement process.


Before We Begin... 

  • First, a permit is obtained from the city to replace your drive. The city will come and inspect the foundation and property before granting the permit. 
  • After approval, we will safely remove the current concrete by separating the driveway into small sections that we cut out and send to a recycling plant.
  • We will re-level the foundation as needed with stone.
  • We then put our forms in place of the previous driveway or customize it to your needs.
  • Many people make improvements to their drive when replacing it. This is the stage in the process where we'd be able to add things like: wider drive, a turn around, decorative design.

Let's Get Approved!

  • The city will return to inspect our forms.
  • After approval, we pour and finish the concrete. 
  • With Mr. Level, you get to choose your concrete finish and border!
  • The options are broom finish or hand troll and you're able to have a 3 or 6 inch border. With attention to detail in the design and finish of your drive, you're sure to stand out!
  • After the finish is complete, we return the following day to seal the driveway and take away the forms. 

Time to Dry!

  • After a week, you're new driveway will be ready for your car!


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