How to Prepare Your Parking Lot for Concrete Repair

A cracked, chipped, or uneven concrete parking lot is not only an eyesore but can also be a liability due to tripping hazards and the damage it can cause to vehicles. Most commercial property owners will want it fixed right away. When compared to replacement, concrete repair provides a cheaper, quicker solution for your parking lot woes.

When scheduling the repair job, you’ll want to cause as little frustration, inconvenience, or holdups as possible while the work is being done. Follow these steps to get your concrete parking lot ready for maintenance and repair.

Concrete parking lot.

1. Determine the Best Day and Time

When does your parking lot experience the least amount of activity? This will help you determine the best day and time to schedule your concrete repair. For businesses that operate on the typical 9-5, Monday-Friday schedule, you’ll want to consider scheduling your parking lot repair either in the evening or on the weekend. For apartment complexes, you may find that the weekdays are the best time for concrete repair, as most of your residents won’t be home. 

2. Give Notice to Employees and Customers

Using your parking lot is likely part of someone’s regular routine. It’s a common courtesy to notify employees and customers of scheduled repairs, as it may affect their schedule. Once your concrete repair job is scheduled, be sure to send a notification that your parking lot will be closed as well as provide alternative parking options for them to use on the day of the repair. Your employees and customers will appreciate the open communication as well as the improvements made to the parking lot after the job is complete.

3. Post Signs Near the Parking Lot

On the day of your parking lot repair, be sure to put out plenty of signs to inform people that the parking lot is closed and where they can find the nearest parking. You’ll also want to put out traffic cones and caution tape to block off the parking lot from being used. If your business plans to stay open during the repair, be sure to include this on any signage you put up, or else customers may assume your business is closed.

4. Get Ready to Use Your Parking Lot

One of the many benefits of concrete repair is the quick cure time, which means most jobs can be completed in one day. Whether the repair calls for polyurethane concrete leveling or caulking concrete cracks, your parking lot will be ready to be walked and driven on the same day.

Repair Your Concrete Parking Lot with Mr. Level

If your concrete parking lot has created a hazardous or unappealing condition, Mr. Level is the concrete repair solution for your business needs. We’ll work around your schedule to level uneven slabs and repair cracks in your commercial parking lot to ensure everything goes smoothly. Request a free estimate today and find out why so many business owners rely on Mr. Level.

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