Lift Your Concrete with Polyurethane

Mr. Level uses polyurethane to lift your unleveled concrete | Avon,OH

Concrete settles because the base underneath it has given way. The foundation is created from the extracted dirt from the basement of the house. After a while, this foundation begins to sink due to clay pockets. As it rains, those clay pockets have to fill in air space causing the weight of the concrete to press down on the base.

We at Mr. Level specialize in lifting sunken concrete so that it’s leveled again, leaving your home safe and beautiful! The majority of the jobs we handle are walkways in the front of houses such as the one shown below.

Unleveled fron porch that Mr. Level will fix | Avon, OH

You can see that this contractor did a really good job because he used rebar in the front porch so it wouldn't settle. Unfortunately, the weight of the concrete still made it snap, and it settled. But there is a way to repair it after it has settled!

What is Polyurethane Concrete Leveling?

Polyurethane concrete leveling is the best solution to fixing unleveled concrete as it is the most durable material that will support your concrete walkways and stoops. The photo below shows you what the fill looks like.

this is what polyurethane filling looks like | Mr. Level

The process is fast, simple, and minimally invasive! What we do is we come in and drill dime-sized holes and pump polyurethane into that hole. The whole project doesn’t take more than a day. We come in while you’re at work and most of the time, we will be done by the time your home!

Not only is Mr. Level an efficient and effective choice to repair your concrete leveling, but we are the only company in Ohio with a lifetime warranty! Most other companies only offer three or five year warranties, and they don’t use polyurethane, they use mud jacking!

What is Mud Jacking?

The other solution to leveling your concrete is with mud jacking. One reason this process is less effective compared to polyurethane is that it is more invasive to your property. Mud jacking requires dollar sized holes in order to fill the base to support the concrete. 

Mud jacking is also less effective because it adds 50 pounds of weight to the foundation, and that’s most likely the reason your concrete sunk in the first place! Whereas, polyurethane filling only weighs one pound and will support the concrete without adding to the weight on the foundation!

If you have concrete that has settled on your property and it doesn’t look good, or you keep tripping over it because it's unleveled, contact us at Mr. Level today! We offer the best solution to leveling your concrete, and we use the best materials to do so! 


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Mr. Level uses polyurethane to lift your unleveled concrete | Avon,OH  

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