Mr. Level Repairs Avon Lake City Street Sewers and Manholes

If your concrete has created a hazardous or unappealing condition and you want it fixed for good, Mr. Level is the concrete repair solution for your city’s needs. Our concrete leveling application has been issued on sidewalks, streets, bridges, parking lots, and parks, for cities in the Greater Cleveland area.

Mr. Level repairs city street sewer in Avon Lake, Ohio.

Mr. Level Repairs Concrete Sewers and Manholes in Avon Lake

In October 2019, Mr. Level repaired about 20 concrete manholes and street sewers along the curbs in Avon Lake, Ohio. Using our polyurethane concrete leveling method, each sewer was repaired in as little as 30 minutes. By repairing the street sewers, rather than replacing them, Mr. Level saved the city significant time and money that would have interrupted street traffic for weeks and caused damage to residents’ lawns.

Mr. Level has completed similar concrete leveling repair projects in Amherst and Brooklyn, Ohio, and looks forward to working with more cities in Northeast Ohio in the future.

Why Cleveland Cities Choose Mr. Level for Concrete Repair

If your city has sunken, uneven or cracked concrete, you want to get your concrete leveled right away. With the skilled knowledge and experience of Mr. Level, your city sidewalks and streets will be safe and attractive to residents and visitors.

Replace or Repair Concrete?

Our concrete leveling services range from concrete leveling and caulking to waterproofing and void filling. We always look to fix your concrete first—but if we can’t, we are the only company that will replace it if needed. We’re the only concrete leveling company in Ohio to offer a lifetime guarantee on our concrete leveling services.

Polyjacking or Mudjacking?

Our polyurethane foam filling produces better results than mudjacking with grout. Polyurethane won’t move or sink, you can drive and walk on it immediately, and it leaves a smaller drill hole size compared to mudjacking.

Repair Your City Concrete Today

Don’t put your concrete leveling project on hold. When neglected, uneven concrete gets worse over time. The added sinking costs more money to repair as well as more structural and safety issues to address. Repair now to avoid costly repairs and future liabilities.

Start your next concrete leveling project today by requesting a free concrete estimate from Mr. Level.

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Mr. Level Repairs Avon Lake City Street Sewers and Manholes

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