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Mr. Level can save your break wall today | Cleveland, OH

One of our biggest void filling jobs at Mr. Level is filling break walls. If you own property on Lake Erie, you probably have a break wall or seawall to help prevent erosion and flooding. These break walls are typically made of concrete which means that they themselves will eventually erode mainly due to constant contact from waves in heavy rain and snow storms.

break wall void filling | Cleveland, OH 

Some typical signs of break wall erosion are uneven concrete, cracks in the wall, and more. The reason that the concrete cannot withstand the waves is due to voids within and underneath the break wall.

Repairing Your Break Wall with Polyurethane 

The solution is simple, effective, and affordable! We come to your property and fill the voids in your break wall with polyurethane foam. This foam expands in 15 seconds, combining itself with the break wall creating a watertight barrier. 

polyurethane void filling repairs your break wall | Mr. Level

The foam actually sprays out about two to three feet in length so we can spray back in really deep crevices creating a more reinforced wall. 

Reinforcing Your Break Wall with Polyurethane Saves You Money

More often than not, we are called into a situation after the faulty break wall has already caused damage. We would love if everyone would be proactive and call us for preventative void filling, but many people do not know that there is an issue with their break wall until after the damage is already done. 

So, the sooner you reinforce your break wall, the more money you will save! Likewise, filling the voids in your concrete break wall is about half the cost of replacing the break wall!

If you own lakefront property, don’t forget to reinforce your brake wall with polyurethane void filler until its’ too late! Or, if it is too late and your break wall has already allowed for damage to your property, contact us at Mr. Level to prevent any further damage.


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Mr. Level can save your break wall today | Cleveland, OH

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