Breakwall Repair & Maintenance

Reinforce and repair your falling or cracked seawall

If you live along Lake Erie, you likely have a seawall, otherwise known as a breakwall, to prevent flooding and deter shore erosion. However, seawalls are commonly made from concrete, which means that the high-impact energy from the waves can cause it to fall or crack. For a cost-effective solution to replacing your seawall, homeowners find it far more beneficial to conduct regular maintenance for reinforcement and repair.

Seawall repair using polyurethane foam.

How to repair a seawall

Once damage is visible, there’s a small window of time for seawall repair. Does your seawall need to be repaired? Look for the following signs:
•    Are there any cracks or pieces broken off the cap?
•    Are any of the slabs beginning to deteriorate?
•    Are any of the concrete slabs learning?
•    Is your property losing soil behind the wall?

Mr. Level has experience reinforcing and repairing seawalls using an eco-friendly polyurethane foam to form a water-resistant seal. Our poly leveling method is proven to displace standing water, fill voids and cracks, and regenerate a water-tight barrier. Not to mention, seawall repair with Mr. Level’s polyurethane leveling method is about half the cost of replacing the concrete seawall entirely and is great for adding reinforcement.

Seawall repair after using polyurethane foam.

Repair your seawall with Mr. Level

We’re eager to start working with you to reinforce and repair your falling or cracked seawall. Contact Mr. Level for more information on seawall repair or to get a free quote.

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