The Ideal Time to Dream of Concrete Leveling

The snows of Northeast Ohio bury driveways and backyard entertainment spaces in a blanket of white. Some of us breathe a sigh of relief that the outdoor to-do list decreases and the unsightly looks beautiful. Let us suggest another use for the hibernation of these winter months.

Snuggling in front of the fire or settling around the table with family and friends offers the perfect time to dream. What do you want to lay beneath that layer of snow after the spring thaw? Do you long for your sunken patio to be returned to its former glory? Do you wish your concrete pool deck did not pose a health risk to guests?

The imperfections of indoor spaces become more apparent as kids spend time running around the basement due to cold outdoor temperatures. The impact of winter freezing and salt wreak havoc on garage floors. Winter proves the ideal time to complete repair on sunken or damaged concrete floors indoors as well, or save up for it.

Now is the time to plan!

Concrete leveling does not damage your surrounding landscape while eliminating trip hazards and other liabilities. Plus, the process takes only hours and has you entertaining immediately at half the cost of concrete replacement. Floors, sidewalks, stairs, basements, driveways and more benefit from concrete leveling.

If your concrete cannot be repaired, a new concrete fix is available through us as well. Or, we offer you an updated finish to breathe new life into your space. Whether your preference is regular or stamped concrete, we fulfill your design dreams.

This winter join us at one of two Cleveland IX Center trade shows to learn more about the options available to your dreams and plans:

  • The NARI Home Improvement Show opens its thirty-seventh year January 18 through January 21, 2018. Tickets are available on-site at the IX Center box office. This local expo earned “Consumer Show of the Year” by the National Association of Consumer Shows. Find Mr. Level at this must-see experience!
  • The Great Big Home and Garden Show at the Cleveland IX Center runs from February 2 to February 11, 2018. Idea homes, garden showcases, demonstrations and an abundance of exhibitors elevate your dreams. Buy your tickets online, and come to visit Mr. Level!

We are eager to dream with you! And, help you make educated plans towards achieving those dreams.

Contact us at Mr. Level for more information on concrete leveling or to get a FREE quote.

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