Voids Under Concrete? Mr. Level Can Help!

How solid is the ground beneath your concrete? Keep your concrete level and prevent accidents with Mr. Level polyurethane concrete leveling.

What’s Under Your Concrete? Are there voids?

In our area of Ohio, there are many reasons why a one stable piece of property can become uneven. Once it does, it presents a trip-and-fall safety hazard. Uneven concrete can lead to long term problems including land erosion, water retention or complete collapse.

When you notice your concrete sloping or jutting up from the ground, you have three choices for how to deal with it.

  1. Ignore it, hope it goes away — This isn’t a good option, not if you value your concrete property. So, move on to:
  2. Replace your concrete — This is expensive and usually unnecessary. Unlevel concrete can be raised, lowered and stabilized with,
  3. Concrete leveling — Drill into the concrete, inject deep foam polyurethane and level your concrete with the rest of your property.

Signs of Trouble with Your Concrete or Land

Before                  |                      After

Voids under Concrete | Mr. Level  After | Voids Under Concrete | Mr. Level

How can you tell if there are voids below your concrete? Here’s some signs of hollow ground beneath your concrete:

Cracking in concrete: Look for physical damage, from small cracks to pieces breaking off.

Deterioration: Beyond normal wear-and-tear, check if the concrete is chipping or eroding.

Breaking corners: Breaks in the corners of concrete are a sure sign of unsupported, hollow ground

Mr Level: Cement Leveling in Avon, OH

Don’t wait to level your concrete or stabilize your soil. Get Mr Level to level out your property with our polyurethane deep foam injection.

We use polyurethane instead of mudjacking to fix sunken concrete. Polyurethane is a stronger, more sustainable material. It’s also more cost-effective, saving time and money on your concrete leveling project.

Mr Level is available for all sizes of jobs - nothing is too big or too small. From preventing issues with leaky pipes and manholes, to leveling off an entire neighborhood sidewalk or raising the concrete in your garage or yard — Mr Level is here to server you!

Click on the links below to watch time lapse videos of our work:

Want to know more about us and our process? Watch this video and check out Mr. Level concrete leveling for yourself.

Mr Level Concrete Leveling proudly serves the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area. We offer concrete raising and leveling, deep foam injection and new concrete replacement services. Contact us today and get your free quote.


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