What Goes into a Concrete Leveling Estimate?

Before photo of uneven concrete sidewalk.

When looking to hire a concrete leveling company, many find that an estimate can help in the decision-making process. An estimate will tell you if you can afford the repair as well as allow you to compare the cost to replacement. Upon receiving the estimate, you may be wondering about the thought process behind determining the estimated cost. Here are three main factors that go into a concrete leveling estimate.

Fixed Costs

As with virtually any type of service, there are baseline costs that go into a concrete leveling estimate. Concrete repair companies need to be able to cover the cost of tools, materials, professional training and insurance. These fixed costs ensure that the concrete leveling company can continue to provide repair services for your neighbors and friends.

Severity of the Repair

Not all concrete repair jobs are created equal. Some projects, such as driveway caulking, are less severe than repairing a falling break wall. These concrete repairs will require more time, labor, and supplies to fix, and thus, more money. Keep in mind that the longer you wait to repair your sunken or cracked concrete, the worse it will get.

Location of the Concrete Slab

Concrete repair companies will examine the slab’s location when coming up with an estimated cost. Depending on whether the company has to fit their machines into tight corners, as is typically the case with porch leveling, for example, more time may be needed to complete the job.

After photo of Mr. Level concrete sidewalk repair.

Get a Free Concrete Repair Cost Estimate

If you have sunken, uneven, or cracked concrete, you’ll want to get it repaired right away. With the skilled knowledge and experience of Mr. Level, we’ll repair your concrete in a fast and cost-effective manner. With our polyurethane concrete leveling method, concrete repair is typically half the cost of replacement, and most of our jobs only take between two to three hours to complete. We always look to fix your concrete first—but if we can’t, we are the only company that will replace it if needed. Contact Mr. Level today to request a free estimate.

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