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The Difference is in the Process

Replacing concrete can cost a ton of money and take a lot of time, concrete leveling is about half the cost of replacement! Our materials and equipment come from HMI Company, an industry leader in concrete raising!

Both processes involve drilling holes into the concrete and filling them with a material that is pumped underneath the slab of concrete, raising it up. After it's level, the remaining holes are filled in with a concrete mixture for a finished look. Polyurethane concrete raising is highly recommended as it is often lower cost, it's much lighter to transport and handle, has smaller holes and is more visually pleasing.


Polyurethane Concrete Raising

This process is the most effective on labor, cost, time, and quality. Polyurethane concrete raising uses a foam material that expands after being injected into a hole drilled down to the subgrade under the concrete slab. It takes mere seconds for the expansion to take place, allowing a continuous, precise and monitored process that gives you the most level result!


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Polyurethane Foam Materials

Our materials are supplied through a partner, HMI. The poly foam used for our polyurethane concrete raising is made with over 40% recycled materials and the greenest poly foam on the market. The variety of poly foams we use ensure we have a material made for all application types. 


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Polyurthane product vs. mudjacking product | mr level

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